Advantages - trail riding and teaching riding at Geronimo

Advantages - trail riding and teaching riding at Geronimo

The advantages are as follows.

  • Already after 4 riding classes since your first contact with a horse, you'll be riding in the forest outside paths and roads, you'll be learning to ride a horse in the most effective method without even knowing it.
  • If you're average weight and coordination, if you're not very scared, you can count on cantering in the meadow on a thoroughbred horse in about 30 classes. The club record from zero to cantering on a horse is 7 classes.
  • You'll be climbing and descending slopes you'd probably bypasses if you were on foot.
  • You'll ride the horses which don't need to be pushed to go faster. There's no school in Croatia that keeps akhal-tekes.
  • You'll be learning neck-reining, which is essential for learning the neutral riding position.
  • A furnished oak house that serves as club facilities.
  • In the weekend, we usually make the best pancakes in the city. :)

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