What to wear for riding?

What to wear for riding?
  • Let's start with the shoes.A usual idea is that you should wear boots with a 2 cm heel. The reason behind it is that that heel will prevent your leg from sliding through the stirrup when you fall off a horse. If you fall off and your leg getscaught in the stirrup,you are in trouble. And I mean big time. Because horse's natural reaction is to run away from everything that scares it. This situation is my personal nightmare, I'm so afraid that something could happen to my riders, I bought Podium saddles which mostly have a protective basket on the stirrups. In time, there happened to be a lot of different saddles, and you can't put those stirrups on some of them. Plus, I realized that a lowered heel during riding solves that problem. Even so, most of the saddles still have protective baskets on stirrups. So, it's best to have shoes with a 2 cm heel, but normal running shoes will do, but then you must ride on a saddle with a protective basket.
  • Pants. Every kind of track suit and pants made of slippery materials is strictly forbidden.Riding pants or jeans are the only ones you are allowed to wear. The only big injury in the club happened 8 years ago because a rider insisted on wearing a silky track suit. And Jasna wasn't a person who is easy to stop. :)
  • Shirts, jackets and all else. You can wear anything you want once you've learned to trot in the round pen. Until then, I want to see something fitting on the torso becauseit's easier to see mistakes you make with your back this way, and the learning process is significantly shorter.

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